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Birthday Parties

A Birthday Celebration is a very important event in every parent and child's calendar!


If you have a party theme in mind, do let us know!

We have designed different shows for children belonging to different age groups.


Edmund Khong performs as:

  • Captain Dazzle (Comedy Magician/Juggler/Bubble Artist) (for children aged 2 to 12 years)

Captain Dazzle's Shows and Services


Set A (1 hour) - for children aged 5 to 8 years old

  • Captain Dazzle’s Comedy Magic ‘N’ Juggling Show with live rabbit appearance! (30 mins)

  • Everyone gets to pet the rabbit! (5 mins)

  • Balloon Sculpturing (15 mins) (15 pre-made/made on-the-spot balloon sculptures, no more long waits!)

  • Interactive Magical White Fog Bubbles! (10 mins)

  • The Show is tailored to the age of the Birthday Child and/or the age range of the guest children

Set B - for children aged 8 to 11 years old

  • Contact Captain Dazzle (+65 93667156) to customize your package!

  • Book a Show & select your Upgrades!

Highly Recommended Upgrades!

Set C (1 hour) – for children aged 2 to 4 years old

  • Captain Dazzle’s Mini-Birthday Magic ‘N’ Puppet Show with live rabbit appearance! (20 mins)

  • Everyone gets to pet the rabbit! (5 mins)

  • Interactive Balloon Sculpturing (20 mins)

  • Interactive Magical White Fog Bubbles! (10 mins)

  • Hosting of Cake-Cutting Ceremony (5 mins)

Set A and Set C are designed for a maximum of 15 children.

If you will have more 15 children, simply let us know and we'll be able to advise further!

Other add-on party entertainment services

  • Live Balloon Sculpturing (30 mins or more)

  • Interactive Games segment (20 mins)

  • Face-painting

  • Creative Sand Art activity (1 hour)

  • Sand Bottle Art activity (1 hour)

  • Bouncy Castles

  • Popcorn/Candy Floss stations

  • Bubble Shows and Kids-inside-Giant Bubbles!


You can book these services as standalone services too.

  • Captain Dazzle’s Magic/Juggling/Puppet Shows with or without live rabbit appearance! (30 mins)

  • Balloon Sculpturing

  • Fun Magic Workshops

Balloon Sculpturing
Other Crafts
Face Painting
Creative Sand Art
Caricature Artist
Bouncy Castles
The Creative Clay Co
Popcorn / Candy Floss
Bubble Show and Services

As seen on all National TV channels!

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